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Accessibility advice

The text is too small for me to read - how can I change it?

  • In Internet Explorer go to View > Text size and select Larger or Largest.
  • In Netscape go to View > Increase Font Size. You could also try changing the screen resolution.
  • Mozilla and Firefox users can alter the size of the displayed text by using Control and the Plus/Minus keys to increase/decrease the font size.

Getting more help

The BBC has a great resource for helping you to use the Web. 'My Web, My Way' explains how you can change your computer settings to make the Web easier to use


Our website offers a link to BrowseAloud. This is a free tool that speech enables website content. It offers a practical website access service to people with reading difficulties and those who find it easier to listen to, rather than read the content of our website.

It assists in the navigations of our website for the following sections of the population:

  • Those with low literacy and reading skills
  • Those where English is not the first language
  • Dyslexic people
  • Those with mild visual impairment

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Accessibility features

Some key accessibility features are described below for those who may wish to take advantage of them.

'Skip to..' links

A 'Skip to content' link (accesskey: S) is provided on each page that will enable users of browsers such as screen readers to jump directly to the main content on the page, avoiding all of the standard navigation links.

A 'Skip to sub navigation' link is provided on each page that will allow users of screen readers to jump past the primary navigation, directly to the sub-navigation for the section that they are currently browsing.

'Back to the top' links are also provided on long pages, saving users of screen reader from having to scroll unnecessarily.


Research suggests that accesskeys could very well conflict with keys that are already assigned by a disabled user's assistive software.

As a result, only the following keys (recommended by the UK Government access keys standard) can be used on pages, except those detailed at the bottom of this page.

Press ALT or CTRL depending on your operationg system and browser and:

  • S - Skip content
  • 1 - Home page
  • 3 - Site map
  • 5 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • 9 - Feedback form
  • 0 - Access key details (this page)


All images that provide information have appropriate alternative text such that the information is available to people who cannot see the images.

Images that are provided for decoration are provided as either background images or have NULL (empty quote marks) alternative text.

Site map

A site map (accesskey 3) is provided to assist with navigation.

Layout using Cascading Style Sheets

Styling and layout has been achieved using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The site will still be usable if CSS is disabled. Disabling of CSS will result in a well structured single column page that will be styled according to the default settings of your browser.


The two forms on our website do use JavaScript. They have been designed to be as practical as possible for the majority of users; the forms will remain useable should Javascript be disabled.

In the areas that feature 360 degree tours (Bedrooms, Pool & Spa, Conferences) use a Java applet to display the rooms. If you prefer, there is a link to the bottom right of each 360 which leads to a simplified version which does not use any Java or Applet.

Javascript is also used to open new windows (see below)

New windows

Links to external websites, outside the lakesidehotel.co.uk domain, are opened in a new window using javascript. If Javascript is not enable the link will be followed in the current window.

Where we have chosen not to meet accessibility standards at present

At present, our online booking system does not validate to the W3C validation service. This is due to restrictions on our access to a third-party service. If you would like to book but are unable to use our current online system, please telephone Reservations on 015395 30001, seven days a week - we do still like to speak to our guests personally!

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