February in the Garden

Even this early in the year the buds are appearing on the Roses and many other shrubs in the garden, However in our Winter Border there is a real splash of welcome colour.

In the Winter Border we have planted Skimmias, Witch Hazels, Tree Heaths, Sarcoccocas and Hellebores. The most dramatic display comes from the Witch Hazels, these are easily grown hardy shrubs that grow best on a slightly acidic soil. During the summer they have green, hazel like leaves that turn bright yellow and red in the autumn, but it's now that they produce their spidery, scented flowers. We grow several varieties including 'Pallida' that has light yellow flowers and 'Arnold Promise' with deeper yellow blooms. Amongst these yellow varieties we have planted 'Diane' and 'Jelena' both of these have amazing coppery-orange flowers.

Generally the yellow ones have the best scent, so growing both colours together is ideal, and planting them where they can be seen from indoors is a good idea too.



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