October in the Garden

As we move into autumn there is still plenty to see in the gardens. Many of our herbaceous plants are now at their best. Kniphofias, or ʻRed Hot Pokersʼ originally come from Southern Africa and like many southern hemisphere plants they flower in summer and autumn for us. Available in many colours now, Kniphofias are great autumn flowering perennials that also have attractive evergreen foliage.

Japanese Anemones are at their peak now too, and are great perennials for growing under trees, where they will tolerate dry shade. The colour range is limited to shades of pink or white, white is best to light up a shaded corner, whilst the pink is useful to mix with other colours such as the orange flowered Montbretia.

Virginia Creepers and Boston Ivy are now in glowing shades of bright red, we prefer to grow the Boston Ivy, which has larger three-pointed leaves, whilst Virginia Creeper has five smaller leaflets forming each leaf. Following these two species by one month is Vitis coignetiae, a strong growing vine with huge dinner plate size leaves that turn shades of red,purple and yellow.


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