Poached Pineapple

31 Oct 2013

Poached Pineapple

Myself and Rebecca (my head pastry chef) had a bit of a head ache with this dessert as the balance has to be just right to much chilli in that ice cream would ruin the whole dessert, we wanted a very small amount of heat just enough to start the taste buds tingling and not too much so you start burning up and thinking it's like eating a vindaloo. We choose pineapple as its season in our winter months, we need something else to add to the dessert to calm the chilli down and also bring the pineapple and chilli ice cream together vanilla is perfect with them both so we choose a cheesecake for its creaminess. The sable biscuit gives the dish texture and a slight nuttiness while the lemon grass and lime almost takes the dish to somewhere tropical. This dessert is an adventure in senses hot, cold, crunchy, zesty aromas, creaminess vanilla


Richard Booth
Head Chef

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