Top tips for choosing that all important first dance

8 Apr 2014

Top tips for choosing that all important first dance

Before you select your song, decide if you wish for guests to join you on the dance-floor part way through. Some couples would love people to join in, while others would like to share their special moment together - make sure your DJ or band are aware of your decision.

Listen for the lyrics - not all love songs are appropriate for a wedding, listen to more than the chorus or you might end up selecting a song indicative of a break-up!

Make sure your song choice is personal to you and your other half - does it really matter if it's not been a past smash hit?

Do take note on the timing of a song, if there will be just the two of you on the dance floor, perhaps select a shortened version. Your guests may be eager to start dancing and become disinterested after five minutes of swaying.

There are a number of couples who want to perform for guests to make a lasting impression. Do remember that this requires a great deal of pre-planning. Only those that are fully prepared leave guests wanting more.

If your venue provides a dance floor, make sure it is suitable for your routine and spacious enough for your guests to dance the night away.

If you have organised a band for the evening celebrations, don't automatically assume that they are familiar with the track you want, or will be willing to learn it. Give them a call in advance.

There may be a reason the classics are regularly relied on - "At Last" by Etta James is iconic for all the right reasons.

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