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Lakeside Spa occupies an idyllic position on the tranquil shores of Lake Windermere. Surrounded by woodland fells, crystal clear streams and pure mountain air. Why not take the opportunity to indulge in our invigorating body treatments and rejuvenating therapeutic techniques? There is no more pleasurable way to ease body tensions, soothe the mind and revive the spirit. AVEDA The art and science of pure flower and plant essences at Lakeside Spa.

The AVEDA Concept

AVEDA believes that everything is interconnected. Clean air, crystalline water and rich soil: who doesn't feel better surrounded by these? We are all committed to helping protect all the elements that sustain life, the sources of our well-being. By reducing our use of synthetics, petrochemicals and packaging, we hope to create and sustain a healthy beautiful outlook. So when you experience an AVEDA treatment or give an AVEDA gift, you are giving back to Mother Earth and giving well-being to everyone.

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