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Purely Lakeside

Purely Indulgence

A wonderfully pleasurable way to soothe total body tensions, incorporating dry skin brushing, body exfoliation, soothing massage and finally concluding with a total face and scalp revival.
2 hours 15 minutes £115

Purely Gentleman

Rejuvenating and therapeutic this complete back, face and foot treat includes the essential techniques of cleansing, steaming, dry skin brushing and massage leaving you totally cleansed and calmed.
2 hours 15 minutes £115

Purely Revival

This invigorating body treatment is designed to cleanse, boost the circulation and leave you feeling revitalised. Comprising of a glowing salt rub or exfoliation, warm paraffin envelopment, scalp and full body massage.
2 hours 15 minutes £115

Purely Volcanic

This unique body, mind and soul treatment takes you on a timeless reassuring journey, where elements are unleashed with dramatic use of hot basalt rocks and cold marble to massage the entire face, body and scalp.
2 hours 15 minutes £130

Purely Back

This truly calming treat uses our magical hot basalt rocks for a thorough deep and warming massage.It will help alleviate muscle aches and pains, cleansing and hydrating the skin of the back.
1 hour £79

Purely a Treat

This luxury treat includes a consultation followed by either a 1 hour facial, a 1 hour body massage or a face and body combination customised to suit your needs.
1 hour £79


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