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Blogger-Worthy Bedrooms

With the New Year on the horizon – It is time to reflect on the pure magic of the Lakeside Hotel & the abodes that dwell within…

I have been lucky enough to stay in some of the country’s most prestigious hotels, during the years travelling here and there.  But here is a place where every detail is considered in such a seamless fashion, that you feel completely at home as soon as you arrive.  However, for me, it is the setting that sets this hotel apart.  There is no better place to sip Earl Grey and eat macaroons than here.  From dawn until dusk, nothing comes close to that view of the Lake.  There is much to factor in when booking a breakaway, but here are my top 3 picks for Lakeside Hotel living, to inspire you.

  1. For a Touch of Privacy, Exclusivity & Romance

When the Lakeside launched their Exclusive Lodge Suites, I had the immediate sense that they knew exactly what they were doing.  With the increase of the cultivated guest, seeking the ultimate in privacy and exclusivity, these twinned stand-alone lodges rose to the challenge.  They are light-filled spaces with floor to ceiling doors, framing the Lake Windermere view beautifully.  A view that candidly snaps the stunning seasonal changes of this district.  From the reds of Autumn to the floral fancies that Summer brings, the views are forever unrivalled and abundant.

You will find rich cream and cornflower blue drapes here, within thick fabrics, adorned with the prettiest of flowers.  The clever mix of classic textiles and clean-lined contemporary elements compliment the surroundings of sleek furniture perfectly.  Take time to explore the benefits of the in-house sauna before submerging into the large bath tub, for peace amongst bubbles and sweet soothing heat.  The time spent in this suite is debatable, due to the glory of the private terrace and background beyond.  The chances are you will be sipping champagne by the water’s edge, in quite the leisurely manner, and ordering room service like we did!

By night, sink under the luxuriously soft Hungarian goose down duvet and rest upon the feather pillows, for dreams of Cumbrian adventures and sails on the Lake.  You will unwind in the tranquillity of it all, as you soak up the sounds and views of the Lakeshore.  I discovered a real sense of romance within these walls and truly found myself embracing the Southern part of Windermere at this couple’s retreat.

2. For Family Fun & Oodles of Luxury

The Lakeside’s Interconnecting Family Rooms offer surprisingly spacious living accommodation, that boasts a private lobby for tiny feet and wild imaginations to play freely.  A room that also gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family will have space, privacy and security. There are two sizeable bedrooms with a queen and king-sized bed, that switches into a twin for the small ones that follow suit.  The two large en-suites provide bath time fun and eventually, a relaxing retreat for oneself, once tired little heads hit pillows.

I loved the escapism I got from relaxing by the exquisite Lakeside view in the evening, which is just as captivating when the morning light filled our room.  These were the priceless moments, just the two of us, when all was quiet and calm.  My partner and I spent time reminiscing about the day’s Cumbrian travels and made plans for the new ones, that were about to begin.  With a swimming pool, spa and fine-dining restaurants being moments away – the Lakeside experience began at breakfast and ended when eyes were heavy, and heads were full of dreams.

I usually find family rooms rather lacklustre and genuinely void of any luxury.  It seems that most hotels think family breaks should be met with basic accommodation and hardly any amenities to speak of.  We live in a world where we want to invest and enjoy experiences – so that does not become less of a priority once children are thrown into the mix.  Parents want family breakaways that provide comfort and elegance at the same time, in a place that offers the finest facilities for all ages.   These ultra-luxe interconnecting rooms are elegantly designed and abundant in space and comfort – therefore, it was no shock to hear that this hotel is an appealing choice for families.

3. For a Taste of the Country

Past the bends and curves of the hotel’s corridors, you will stumble upon the Country House wing of Lakeside.  The rooms are an opulent mix of unique antiques, immaculate en-suites and queen-sized beds to rest fun-filled heads.  I found this wing a cosy and intimate refuge, after indulging oneself to a treatment at their Aveda Spa.  Once dinner, at the Lakeview Grill Restaurant, was served and devoured, I found myself curling up on a chair, amongst the charms and fancies of the room and unwinding.  I quickly became a bookworm, during my stay, as my room opened onto a private terrace.  It was here I indulged in a few pages before breakfast and then pondered all things life, overlooking the immense view from the hotel’s conservatory.

My time shared here was a happy marriage of seclusion and the facilities of a luxury four-star hotel.  I felt that I had the flexibility of being amongst the hustle and bustle of the hotel or the privacy of my own room.  I still have fond memories of stealing quite a few moments by the window, with the morning paper and my trusty novel, just soaking up the joys of the English countryside around me.

However, you choose to spend your time here, you will be ridiculously spoilt.  The attention to detail, that the Lakeside brings, is so special and just as polished as it’s Lakeshore surroundings.  Each room is beautifully thought-out and endeavours to bring either the solace of relaxation, quality family time or good old-fashioned romance.