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Team Building

Innovate, inspire, promote productivity...

…Combining corporate meetings and team building exercises have become increasingly popular in the businesses of this world. We offer unique and far from mundane activities, that team building is infamously known for.  We collaborate with local companies who organise bespoke training sessions that will invigorate positive competition. Whether this is on the Lake yachting or walking with wolves off the Lake.

Off the Lake

Team building on land? Head to those Lakeland hills for a guided walk and natural time to bond with colleagues, might be just perfect.  Test their balance, coordination and control with a Segway tour with an unconventional dash around the Cartmel Racecourse and The Holker Estate. Grizedale Forest is also home to a magnificent mountain bike trail for confidence building and basically a test to see if you are daring enough to brave and brace the peaks!  CBA Events manage archery and clay pigeon shooting activities, for coordination, proactive judgment and a self-confidence boost.  Bushcraft is also becoming increasingly popular, as nature meets survival.  Set up camp, start a fire, cook from foraged bits and pieces, build a shelter and feel free spirited with See Events.  A tough afternoon that will test even the smartest of the crew and challenge all personalities within.

On the Lake

Lakeside Hotel works closely together with local Lakeland companies to host something innovative and refreshing, with the luscious backdrop of their secluded Southern Lake Windermere.  Set your team a challenging task and pop them on a giant paddle board for adventure and a sample of intriguing water sport action, with Cassius Camps.

Then there are the open water swimming sessions for ultimate focus and tuning into their stamina levels, with SleekerSwim.  Rafting is an ideal choice to tap into their risk assessment and leadership skills.  As well, as challenging their ability to work effectively, as a team and workforce, with YMCA National Centre’s professional guidance.  Or why not book a lesson in yachting for your team, with the Royal Yachting Association.  An activity that is sure to target their problem solving and savvy communication skills, during the afternoon.