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Our history

Back in the day...

Set on the southern shores of Lake Windermere, Lakeside Hotel, originally a 17th Century Coaching Inn, has grown and developed with the increase of visitors to the area. As the Lake District has become one of the most popular destinations within the UK for tourist and business users alike, with the development of tourism and improved travel networks, Lakeside Hotel has changed accordingly.

Used as a staging post and resting place for travellers working in the thriving cotton trade of Lancashire and Yorkshire, in the 1900s, guests stayed here en route to local businesses such as the bobbin mills in the area.

Whilst we continue to offer valet parking as a service to our guests, it is fair to say that our tariff has changed a little over the years!

From a golden age of travel…
When travel was a true adventure that could take days or weeks to even reach your destination, once you finally arrived at Lakeside, you earned one of our unique luggage labels. It was a stamp on your travel diary of life; a testament to say, “I was there.”

There have been some chilly days by the Lake, sailings were slow on days when the ice had to be broken first.