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New Sharing Menu at one of the Best Places to Eat on Lake Windermere

Share Something New, for 2019, With Our Tapas Menu


Head Chef - Richard Booth
Head Chef – Richard Booth

Tapas has always carried a past for being under-represented. Within the last ten years, it has evolved from being a late-night Spanish bar snack into a UK culinary movement. A hot trend that combines culinary skill, culture, texture, colour and plate-sharing. Our Head Chef, Richard Booth, talks all things tapas and why this trend has hit the restaurant scene by storm.

There are several tales about where tapas began, but we prefer the most common and humble of stories. This story suggests that Spanish bartenders covered their guests’ glasses with a piece of bread in order to prevent flies from entering. Hence the name ‘tapa’ which, in Spanish, means ‘to cover’. An odd concept but a delightful one, as bread turned into ham, olives and cheese! Today’s tapas are somewhat different, but the theme is still the same – we can eat less but taste more.


Due to it’s easy-come easy-go nature, this style of dining is perfect for families, friends and social gatherings. A less complicated way of dining, with a variation of tastes and choices, set in a casual environment. In today’s world people prefer sampling small tastes because they often get bored of big plates with the same food. Our tapas menu is a great alternative to formal dining, but still has the luxurious ‘Lakeside Touch’. ‘The guests of today are eating lighter meals and this style of dining fits in with that. Sharing food enables you to experiment with tasting and getting to know new flavours’


The ethos of tapas means that you do not have to conform to the traditional format of three courses. Guests can pick from the menu and try something a little bit different. It promises a communal experience that opens a relaxed dialogue between diners. A chance to relish high-profile dishes, created with quality ingredients, in a casual environment. Perfect in an age of social circles and the need for new experiences. Getting people together to share dishes is becoming increasingly popular – especially this style of eating, which promotes fun conversation. Due to diners not focusing on eating an entire meal, the food becomes the star of the show! ‘When guests have more choice, they are certainly more willing to be adventurous about their dining choices. For me, I love eating this way, as it gets the senses going. Sampling the different aromas, textures and spices gets people talking about the food shared’


John Ruskins Brasserie
John Ruskins Brasserie

This casual style of dining deserves an atmosphere to match. Therefore, we serve our tapas menu within the elegant and informal John Ruskin Brasserie. An eatery that radiates a brightness, that is both welcoming and fun for all to enjoy these inspiring dishes. We love this room, as it symbolises the true essence of tapas and the importance of relaxed dining so that it appeals to everyone. Families can feel at home here, as choosing tapas eradicates the stresses that sometimes come with dining as a family. Groups of friends can catch up over sharing plates and delve into the different. Even corporate events can feel less intimidating when tapas are involved!

Richard has revolutionised tapas, as we know it, for a more worldwide experience. Offering plates inspired by Asia, the Caribbean and the classics we love. A menu that celebrates culinary diversity and cultural influences. Plates that retain the air of sophistication that we consistently deliver, and we are famously respected for. Richard has kept the list of dishes small, knowing that concentrating on quality ingredients is the key to a menu’s success. Even the simplest of dishes can be astounding when homemade and locally sourced. This is what Richard does best. He understands the importance of utilising the resources in the area, to always provide our guests with food that is fresh and seasonal. You only have to take a look at our on-site herb garden to understand! This menu delivers a cultural journey and we promise it is a ride worth taking. Richard has kept the tapas style at the heart of his dishes but has reimagined the traditional with an avant-garde flair and passion for creativity.

Here is a snippet of what our guests can enjoy:
Take a trip to Asia with the Thai cured salmon, yuzu dressing, pink ginger and sushi rice.
Taste the Caribbean with the Jamaican lamb curry, spiced rice and beans.
Re-live the classics with the English asparagus, potato rosti and truffle hollandaise sauce.
Try something different with the wood pigeon, hispi cabbage, dukkah, blackberry and sloe gin.


We love that our guests can enjoy the freedom of trying multiple dishes in one sitting and appreciate the constant flow of food. There is always a buzz about the place when our tapas are served, creating a lively atmosphere for the entire hotel, which is so important to us. We understand that the foodie population is growing, and the world wants to enjoy savouring unfamiliar foods and taste the exotic. We wanted to give our guests what they want and another way to dine. By offering tapas with exceptional ingredients, tastes and creativity – it enhances the mood of their ‘meet-ups’. They experience the different and feel, in parts, amused and delighted, in others surprised and bewildered!

Curious? Why not gather your loved ones for something exciting, quirky and inventive and share tapas with us?
£29 per person (for 3 small plates)
With this style of dining, we recommend 6 small plates to be shared between 2 people. However, you are most welcome to add more throughout the evening – if your appetite insists!