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The Tremendous Tale of the Micro Wedding

Ludicrous Luxury on a Marvellously Mini Scale – Hail the Perfect Quintessential Country Wedding, at The Lakeside Hotel & Spa

“Till death do us part” – what a romantically rosy statement one could ever say to their loved ones.  Their diamond in the rough and rose amongst thorns.  The vows that are passed between soul mates and those who believe in happy ever after, are as precious as gold.  To hear said words of love and fond affection from ‘The One’, simply lights up your world, and can send you all gorgeously gooey inside.  Weddings are brash enough to say that they will always be the best day of your life.  Full stop.  However, ivory lace and button holes aside, your big day is solely about the two of you and your infinite commitment to each other.  Does said day really need to be a humungous event?  Does it need to be a three-hour photo shoot with giddy children darting around gardens with ruby-red cheeks and grass-stained knees and Grandma snoozing in the corner?  How about an intimate affair full of fairytale goodness?  Goodness that you will never forget.  Let us raise our glasses of refined bubbles and toast to Lakeside Hotel’s ‘Just the Two of Us’ wedding packages.

There is so much to think about when planning your bigger than big day and sometimes not even the savviest of wedding planners can help you organise those crazy chaotic ideas in that head of yours.  Then the big ball of stress rears it’s ugly head and you just want to shove your head under a pillow and think happy thoughts.  We have all been in similar situations, right?  Everyday life is constantly demanding and frantically fast-paced.  Do we really need extra taxing times?  Especially when you have the choice to arrange a stunningly simple wedding full of joy and – yes you have guessed it – stress free!  Let me set the scene…Imagine waking up, as a newly wed, pulling back the curtains only to find the peaceful Lake glistening in the morning glow, the dew twinkling on the grass and the garden flowers swaying in the breeze.  A feeling you will certainly experience, waking up in your partners arms and within Lakeside Hotel’s lovely lodgesA Lakeside retreat of your very own, with pretty and picturesque views of Lake Windermere in shimmering glory.  A place to relax, unwind, envelope tranquility and get hitched in the flourishing private gardens for a momentous memorable day.  Priceless moments sitting side by side, hands entwined, as you sip from champagne and indulge in a bespoke celebratory meal, al fresco or within the richness of your lodge.  A ridiculously romantic backdrop for your ceremony and wonderfully magical hideaway.  Brush your fingertips along the crisp white linen, silky soft upholstery and enjoy the pure luxury and finer details that Lakeside Hotel offers up to you on a silver platter.  Chitter chatter about your tailor-made wedding in your private sauna and share bubbles in the deep bath for more magnificent moments.  Slowly take in each snippet of your day, as it unfolds before you both and relish in the magic of it all.

The rise of the ‘Micro Wedding’ is a wedding without the capital W, that deviates from what is considered to be the ‘norm’, less pomp and circumstance and more exactly right for you.  A hassle-free fairytale that marks the occasion and has immense staying power.  A streamlined process that is made extraordinarily special by Lakeside Hotel’s setting, staff and famously fabulous amenities.  The absence of favours that no one takes home and the pageboy falling asleep in their cake is surely a rather a refreshing thought indeed.  Just human moments of realness and love.  The beauty about the packages The Lakeside provides, is that it just focuses on just the two of you because that is all that matters.  Well – that and the ivory silk gown, polished pearls, tailored suit, laced up brogues and that sparkly rock.  Superior luxury without the heavy price tag, and a surprisingly great catch amongst all the affordable wedding venues in the Lake District.  They can plan and perfect the day of your dreams with any special specifications you may have, without hesitation.  This is one of the many reasons why Lakeside Hotel is one of the best wedding venues, and more importantly, one of the best intimate wedding venues around.

Their ‘Simply’ package includes a personal ceremony, that will take place on your prettily private terrace garden by the Lake’s shore, a two-night stay at your luxury lodge for perfect peace, two witnesses if required and a serene cruise to the brilliant Bowness for traditionally English escapades.  Their ‘Ultimate’ package encompasses the same details as the simply package but with extravagant additions.  Feast upon a unique journey of cake and tea with Lakeside’s answer to Afternoon Tea after your ceremony, clink your personalised flutes during the day filled with Pol Roger Champagne and sample what a five star – five course dinner tastes like by collaborating with our Head Chef, who will cook up a storm in the kitchen with your favourite foods.  Their ‘Lake District Experience’ package comprises the ingredients of the ultimate but with an exceptional difference.  Dwell in the lodge for a further two nights, securing a simply stunning mini-moon, invigorate yourselves in the Aveda Spa for a one-hour treatment, followed by a deliciously delightful two course lunch, swim and glide together exclusively at twilight in their pool and be chauffeured to the dinner destination of your choice.

Say goodbye to conforming to stupidly long guest lists of long-lost relatives, terribly traditional food and endless tasteless disco medleys. Throw the idea of a ‘micro-wedding’ into the mix.  Know thyself and thy partner and say hello to the new-wave romantically harmonious wedding and yes to Lakeside Hotel.

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