A Day in the Life of a Businessman

We all know how hugely important first impressions are to your clients, potential consumers and top target audiences.  In a nutshell, they quite simple mean the world.  You could be the best of the best at what you do, but if your first impressions are looking rather bleak.  Your impending future is…well…rather bleak.

Imagine if said first impressions were on point and stupidly spectacular, to such a degree that your company is set light years apart from those cunning competitors.  Find exactly that here, at The Lakeside, to impress those VIP’s or entertain your employees.  You can achieve this by exclusively renting out the entire hotel, just for you and your chosen to enjoy and explore.

Embrace all that the hotel has to offer, from the knowledgeable staff to the bespoke Fine Dining, with a spot of Aveda Spa treatments and a leisurely swim in between.  Sit within The Conservatory and delve into Afternoon Tea, for a unique cake experience, quirky corporate games and an eclectic alternative to a boardroom.

Or maybe organise a plush Director’s Dinner for your employees, to express a giant show of gratitude for a job well done and a glorious high-five for the year ahead.

Network amongst your guests as you chin chin vintage wine, nibble at an interesting array of cheeses and sample the taste, a la carte style, throughout the eve.
Perhaps a weekend of some of the best team building activities in the idyllic Lakeside surroundings, is what your employees crave.
The Lakeside can turn the infamous dull conference meeting into an extra special extravagant event, in their Windermere Conference Room Suite.  Why settle for the average business meeting venue and the norm, when you can have that little bit extra, at The Lakeside Hotel, and a conference of dreams!

The Lakeside’s management team take hotel exclusivity very seriously and have the ability to create exceptional events that will live on way after the lights go down, you have kicked off your heels, loosened your tie and sank deep into their crisp white sheets.

Their vast hospitality service provides a sizeable palette of executive and energetically dynamic events, designed by cool creatives with a labyrinth of ideas. Be it a gargantuan extravaganza or an intimate low key gathering, for VIP guests, the choice is most definitely yours.  With their gift of being utterly unique in this field, they are one step ahead and always strive to host a better event than the last.

Here, at The Lakeside, time is of the essence, and with their client’s special specifics at the centre of their decisions, the guest’s time spent here will be spectacular.  Relish the pub games in the lobby, enjoy a few sips of your favourite tipple by the pool table in the Oak Room or maybe a few sophisticated sways by candlelight and the grand piano.
Graciously graze in The Conservatory and The Terrace for casually low-key nibbles during the day, before donning your little black dress and pressed suit for five-star Fine Dining at dark.

Experience tailor-made menus, bespoke cocktails and those all-important personal finishing touches.  Whether you opt for expertly designed Director’s Dinners or notorious networking nights of cheese and wine, Lakeside will go above and beyond for you and your company.  They will ensure that the sole purpose and focus is to make momentum business events, just perfect for you.  This always becomes a reality due to their dedicated motivation, stupendous skill set and let us not forget the sheer determination of their people.

9 Conference Rooms

2 Restaurants

5 Star Fine Dining

74 Bedrooms

17 Metre Pool

1 Large Conference Suite

1 Monumental Aveda Spa

1 Grand Piano!

Jazz up traditional team-building with a dash of excitement, a splash of a challenge and a dollop of originality.

Lakeside Hotel works closely together with local Lakeland companies to host something innovative and refreshing, with the luscious backdrop of their secluded Southern Lake Windermere.  Set your team a challenging task and pop them on a giant paddle board for adventure and a sample of intriguing water sport action, with Cassius Camps.

Then there are the open water swimming sessions for ultimate focus and tuning into their stamina levels, with SleekerSwim.  Rafting is an ideal choice to tap into their risk assessment and leadership skills.  As well, as challenging their ability to work effectively, as a team and workforce, with YMCA National Centre’s professional guidance.  Or why not book a lesson in yachting for your team, with the Royal Yachting Association.  An activity that is sure to target their problem solving and savvy communication skills, during the afternoon.  Or perhaps, team building on land is more your thing, and heading to those Lakeland hills for a guided walk and natural time to bond with colleagues, might be just perfect.  Test their balance, coordination and control with a Segway tour with eite unconventional dash around the Cartmel Racecourse and The Holker Estate.  Grizedale Forest is also home to a magnificent mountain bike trail

for confidence building and basically a test to see if you are daring enough to brave and brace the peaks!  CBA Events manage archery and clay pigeon shooting activities, for coordination, proactive judgment and a self-confidence boost.  Bushcraft is also becoming increasingly popular, as nature meets survival.  Set up camp, start a fire, cook from foraged bits and pieces, build a shelter and feel free spirited with See Events.  A tough afternoon that will test even the smartest of the crew and challenge all personalities within.

‘Ultimately off-agenda activities should be enjoyable for the whole team and a chance for them to bond and build stronger working relationships.  Therefore, it is essential that the activity chosen doesn’t single people out or leave employees with negative feelings’  Amy Lavelle, Business Development Manager

Be decidedly discreet and dabble in superior luxury with the Windermere Suite, and The Lakeside Hotel’s expert services.  The conference centre is equipped with the latest AV system, that is integrated with speedy internet connection and the additional large projection screen.  A space that is conveniently designed into two rooms, one for business boardroom shenanigans and the other a place to eat, recoup and refresh throughout the day.  Then when day meets night, head to your hotel room, for relaxation before a night of entertainment and delectable dining.

The Lakeside Hotel also offers private charter cruises for an interestingly invigorating take on business events.  These bespoke packages available include live music, catering, bars, dance floors and motivational speakers for your guests to be enthralled and inspired by.

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